Communications Test and Photonic Control

Optical Transmission and Reflection

Luna’s high-precision and high-sensitivity instrumentation analyzes the propagation of light through fiber optics, waveguides and optical devices. Luna offers a number of solutions to measure insertion and return loss, polarization effects, dispersion and many other parameters.

Spatial/Distributed Analysis and Spectral Analysis

By interrogating an optical component or fiber assembly in reflection, Luna’s OFDR technology is able to measure and analyze loss and polarization effects spatially, or distributed along the optical path. TheOptical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR)technology measures distributed loss and backscatter with a sampling resolution as low as 10 micrometers, providing an unprecedented level of detail to pinpoint and analyze optical effects in short networks and even inside integrated photonic devices.

Time-Domain and Spectral-Domain Analysis

Luna measurement solutions also provide the wavelength-dependent response of photonic devices, whether interrogated in reflection mode or transmission mode. These measurements are particularly critical for testing and analyzing modern optical components, filters, and DWDM devices.

Key Measurements for Optical Transmission

Luna solutions provide the standard measurements needed to analyze and certify optical components and systems, including:

  • Insertion loss (IL)
  • Return loss (RL)
  • 极化dependent loss (PDL)
  • 极化mode dispersion (PMD)
  • Evolution of polarization states
  • 极化extinction ratio (ERM)
  • Group delay (GD) and phase response
  • Chromatic dispersion (CD)
  • Jones Matrix elements

Luna OFDR-based systems provide single-scan analysis, eliminating the need for multiple specialized analyzers.

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测试和表征光纤电缆,assemblies and network with unmatched speed, precision and spatial resolution. Luna’s OBR reflectometers can analyze loss with a spatial resolution and sensitivity unmatched in the industry.
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