• Tuesday, November 17, 1pm ET:Using the Luna ODiSI: How HD Strain and Temperature Data Improves Testing and Process Monitoring.Luna ODiSI 6000系列产品为多通道高清应变bob软件苹果怎么下载和温度测量系统设置了行业最高标准。ODiSI采用光纤传感技术,空间密度高达0.65mm,实现了模型验证、复合材料结构损伤检测和过程控制。与我们一起参加本次会议,聆听案例研究,观看关于如何操作ODiSI-6 DAQ和软件的系统演示,学习传感器安装最佳实践,并将ODiSI的测量能力和技术应用到您的项目中。
  • 美国东部时间11月19日星期四上午11点:月球太赫兹解决方案的测量和应用。Time-domain terahertz (THz) is an inspection method that utilizes time-of-flight and other properties of reflections for measurements, such as simultaneous multi-layer thickness. Other capabilities include measuring non-contact coating thickness, basis weight (weight per unit area), layer density, delamination and other defects detection. Attend this session to learn how terahertz methods of non-destructive testing are completely safe (no nuclear or ionizing radiation), faster with better precision than competing technologies, and can operate in extreme environments other sensors cannot.
  • 美国东部时间12月1日星期二上午11点:使用Luna 6415测试光学元件。基于Luna Innovations光频域反射计(OFDR)技术,Luna的新型光波分量分析仪6415是一种快速且易于使用的工具,用于测试光学元件的传输和反射,分析插入损耗(IL)、回波损耗(RL),以及光学元件的光谱响应,如平面光电路(PLC)、耦合器、分配器和开关。本次网络研讨会将介绍6415及其控制软件的主要功能,并演示如何使用两种不同的被测设备进行透射和反射测量。
  • 美国东部时间12月3日星期四上午11点:使用TeraMetrix手持设备进行无损检测(NDT)。Terahertz (THz) has demonstrated unique and superior measurement capabilities in many industrial applications including simultaneous multilayer thickness measurements in sheet products. This same technology is also used in multiple handheld sensors to make Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), such as coating thickness measurements. Join us for this session to learn how the TeraMetrix handheld Single Point Gauge (SPG) has repeatedly demonstrated the performance, measurement repeatability and ability to non-destructively test in extremely challenging applications like thickness measurement of specialty coatings on F-22 and F-35 aircraft and higher volume critical performance measurements like thickness on steel oil and gas pipes. This session will also cover another use case for THZ in NDT: scanning measurement points linearly within the handheld gauge to provide an immediate cross section view and layer(s) thickness value of the sample over a large area in order to both perform the necessary defect-detecting but also provide additional information to improve and reduce the cost of manufactured products.
  • 美国东部时间12月8日星期二上午9点:使用Luna HYPERION仪器进行光纤传感。Join us for this webinar where you’ll learn how to operate the world leader in optical sensing instrumentation, Luna’s HYPERION, as well as see the features, capabilities and case studies that make the HYPERION the leader in its class and the standard for Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) and Fabry Perot sensor measurements.
  • 美国东部时间12月10日星期四上午9点:用月球OBR 4600进行精密光程长度测量。Luna’s OBR 4600 is an ultra-high resolution reflectometer that features a spatial sampling resolution as low as 10 microns, with a zero dead zone, and Rayleigh-backscatter level of sensitivity. With its high spatial resolution, and up to 2km measurement length, the OBR 4600 is ideally suited for making precision measurements of optical latency in fiber optic networks. This webinar will provide a tour of the 4600 software, a demonstration of how to configure it for basic fiber network measurements within, for example, datacenters (lengths up to 2km).
  • Wednesday, December 16, 9am ET: How to Monitor High-Definition Temperature Profiles with Luna Instruments and Sensors.Joins us to learn the specifics of measuring and mapping temperature with ultra-high spatial resolution and how new capabilities of Luna’s high-definition fiber optic sensing system enable more accurate and robust temperature measurements in real-world applications. The webinar will demonstrate step-by-step the process of installing fiber optic temperature sensors, configuring the system, acquiring data and accessing and visualizing logged data. The webinar will also discuss pros and cons and practical considerations of using high-definition distributed temperature measurements and the types of applications for which it is best suited.