Luna Products Selected to Support NASA’s Orion Crewed Mission into Deep Space

ROANOKE, VA, September 2, 2020) - 纳斯达克(纳斯达克:Luna)的Luna Innovations今天分享了它的腐蚀监测产品已被洛克希德Martin选中,以监测NASA的Orion Spacecraft船上的关bob软件苹果怎么下载键环境。的一部分阿尔忒弥斯program, Orion is the only spacecraft specifically developed for crewed missions into deep space, supporting NASA’s mission to build a sustainable presence on the lunar surface and on to Mars. The first mission, Artemis I, will be uncrewed and will launch in 2021 out to the lunar vicinity and back to Earth. Artemis II, the first mission with astronauts on board, is planned to go to the Moon in 2023.


“Providing real-time, critical information relative to the safety and integrity of the module throughout the mission and the life of the capsule will be imperative to the overall success of the Artemis program and the safety of Orion astronauts,” said Scott Graeff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Luna. “We’re honored to support Lockheed Martin and NASA on such an exciting project that will help to shape the future of lunar exploration and, eventually, Mars.” 
美国宇航局获得了洛克希德马丁合同to order six Orions with the potential to order up to six more, for a total of 12. The first six will be for Artemis missions III-VIII. The Artemis III mission, launching in 2024, will ultimately see the first woman and the next man walk on the Moon.

Luna’s corrosion monitoring products currently support aircraft sustainability programs around the world seeking to expand condition-based maintenance practices. By partnering with key owners of defense and industry aircraft, Luna is demonstrating that corrosion monitoring can improve aircraft availability while reducing the cost of inspecting and washing the aircraft.

Luna Innovations Incorporated (是光学技术的领导者,提供高性能,光纤,测试产品的独特能力,用于电信行业和基于分布式光纤的传感器的航空航天和汽车工业。bobapp综合体育下载bobapp综合体育下载bob软件苹果怎么下载Luna被组织成两个业务部分,密切合作,将想法转化为产品:LightWave和Luna Labs。bob软件苹果怎么下载Luna的商业模式旨在加速将新的创新技术推向市场的过程。

Forward-Looking Statements
本释放中的陈述不是历史事实构成了“前瞻性陈述”,根据安全港提供1995年私营证券诉讼改革法案,涉及风险和不确定性。这些陈述包括LUNA关于其技术能力以及潜在成本节约,安全改进,有价值的信息以及通过其产品和技术实现的空间计划成功的潜在成本。bob软件苹果怎么下载管理人员注意到这些前瞻性陈述的读者只是预测,并且受到许多已知和未知的风险和不确定性,以及Luna的实际结果,性能和/或成就可能与未来的结果,性能有所不同,由于许多因素,这些前瞻性陈述表达或暗示的和/或暗示的成就。These factors include, without limitation, technological and scientific challenges and those risks and uncertainties set forth in Luna’s Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2020, and Luna's other periodic reports and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). Such filings are available on the SEC’s website在Luna的网站上。本次版本所作的陈述是基于Luna可获得的信息,因为此版本的日期,Luna承诺在本释放之日后毫无义务更新任何前瞻性陈述。

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