HTS40n3 Transmitter
T-Ray® 5000 Series


The T-Gauge® is the first compact pulsed terahertz measurement system that is robust enough to be deployed in an industrial environment and has all of the flexibility provided by our fiber coupled sensor heads in a rack mount package. By having replaceable sensor heads, the T-Gauge® can be configured to fit your specific application.


The HTS40n3 Transmitter Type 3 for the T-Ray® 5000 provides uniform signal to noise over an extended range for high-resolution spectroscopy, while minimizing waveform distortions after the pulse to allow high-resolution temporal measurement of layer thicknesses without the need for post processing of the waveform. Coupled with an HRS40n1 receiver, the HTS40n3 provides bandwidth over 3.5 THz and signal to noise ratio above 55 dB. By providing a uniform signal to noise over a broad bandwidth, the HTS40n3 is ideal for applications where both high resolution and broad spectral range are desired.


  • Key Features
    • 纤维耦合,以便易于移动
    • Ultra-broadband measurement
    • 传输或反射数据收集
    • Mates with collinear adapter (AXA40n1)
    • High signal to noise ratio
    • 热插拔与其他发射器
    • Low noise to enable rapid data collection
    • 可调节镜头管
    • Multiple lenses available
  • Applications
    • 气体,液体和固体光谱
    • 无损材料检查
    • Package inspection
    • 半导体晶圆检查
    • Reaction kinetics monitoring
    • 医疗和生物成像研究
    • Remote threat detection
    • 子表面腐蚀检测
    • Homeland Security capabilities
  • Specifications
    Polarization Extinction Ratio <20.1 (horizontal)
    Standard Lens 25,75,150 mm(准直镜头也可用)
    光束直径 38毫米
    Mounting Hardware 1/4-20螺纹安装孔
    Size (W x H x D) 7.5 x 7.5 x 15英寸
    Weight 275gm

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